Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With Body Sculpting

weight loss

You’re aware of the dramatic changes that diet, exercise, and behavior modification can create, and you’ve achieved a healthy weight through your efforts. Yet, there may still be some lingering disappointment with the way your body looks. 

Some rolls and stores of fat seem to resist efforts to tone through exercise or reduce with calorie deficits. These remaining reminders of heavier times may not be health issues, but they could affect the way clothes fit or give the impression that you’re still overweight. When you’ve worked so hard for this, shouldn’t you have the body contours you desire? 

Today, nonsurgical body sculpting is in growing demand by people who want to go that extra distance to achieve the body shape they want after achieving their ideal weight. Body sculpting isn’t about weight loss. It’s about addressing those few remaining body contours. Learn more about your body sculpting options by consulting with AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta. As a medical aesthetics practice, Dr. Maki Rheaume and her staff can help you finish off your weight loss journey. 

How body sculpting works

Fat cells aren’t a specific size. They expand and contract as your body needs change. It’s this characteristic that makes body sculpting possible. Removing fat cells means that you can change the size of fat stores when your weight is otherwise consistent. 

In the past, removing fat cells meant a surgical procedure, most often liposuction. In liposuction, the provider makes Incisions to insert a hollow tool called a cannula that loosens fat cells for removal by suction. Liposuction is made for large-scale treatments, and it features long recovery times that not everyone can afford. 

More recently, other methods achieve contour changes by noninvasively compromising fat cells, which are then disposed of naturally by your body’s lymphatic system. There’s typically no downtime after treatment, and you see the results in the weeks following the procedure. 

Types of body sculpting

While you can find versions of liposuction that are less invasive and offer more refined contouring abilities, the field of noninvasive body sculpting has more options. 

Fat cells are thermally vulnerable, and this characteristic can be used to reduce the number of cells in a problem location. Both cooling and heating cells beyond temperature thresholds can compromise the integrity of some cells, triggering their removal. 

Methods that use cold temperatures to treat fat cells combine with suction to pull fat tissue into a treatment device that cools collected tissue. Cells falling below a certain temperature are no longer viable and flushed from the body. 

Heating works in a similar way, though suction isn’t necessary. Light or radiofrequency energy penetrates the skin to be absorbed by fat cells, raising their temperature. Once cells reach the coagulation point they, too, are marked for removal. 

There are also injectable products, typically used to treat fat stores under the chin, that dissolve fat cells, creating a tighter, younger-looking jawline. Treated fat cells are also removed through the lymphatic system with this method. 

To find the right body sculpting answer for you, contact AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia, by phone or online to arrange your initial consultation. You may have more control over your body contours than you think, so book your appointment now.

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