Why Are My Pores So Big?

Why Are My Pores So Big?

It’s easy to forget that your skin is actually an organ, but it’s true. And all of your skin, except the palms of your hands and the bottoms of your feet, is covered in pores. Your pores play an essential role in the health of your skin. 

At AdvancedMD Aesthetics in Marietta, Georgia, Dr. Maki Rheaume and her staff see many patients who wish that their pores were smaller. Large, open pores can make your skin look duller or lead to breakouts. Although we can’t shrink your pores, we can make your skin look more vibrant and healthy.

In this post, we discuss the reasons your pores may appear large, as well as what kinds of things you can do to minimize them. 

The purpose of pores

You have two kinds of pores, those that produce oil and those that produce sweat. The ones that produce oil cause the most trouble for people who are unhappy with their pores. Sweat glands are too small to be seen with your eyes. Most of the time, when someone mentions their pores, they’re talking about oil-producing pores. 

Each of your oil pores has a hair follicle and a gland called a sebaceous gland. Your body’s natural oil is called sebum, and it’s important. Sebum keeps your skin moisturized and healthy. The problem is when your sebaceous glands produce too much oil. 

The problem with pores

When your pores produce too much oil, they have a tendency to become blocked, and when that happens, dead skin cells build up. The result can be blackheads, acne, and other unappealing results. 

You may have a genetic predisposition to large pores, or hormonal fluctuations or age could be causing your pores to look bigger. As you get older, your skin becomes less elastic, and that can result in pores that look bigger. Sun damage can also cause big pores. 

Regardless of the cause, if you have large pores, you might not like the way they look. That’s where we can help. 


One of the keys to healthy skin is keeping it clean. A Hydrafacial is a great way to deep-clean your skin. This 60-minute treatment provides deep exfoliation, removes any debris that may be built up in your pores, and protects your skin with nourishing solutions. The result is glowing, gorgeous skin. 

Dermaplaning is another treatment that can minimize the appearance of your pores. It’s especially good if you also have “peach fuzz” that you’d like to eradicate. 

When you have dermaplaning, we use a scalpel to carefully, gently remove hair growth and dead skin buildup. The result is cleaner, clearer, more attractive skin. 

We also offer several other types of skin rejuvenation, such as Laser Genesis, which stimulates your body to produce extra collagen. The collagen can help your skin look tighter and diminish the appearance of your pores. 

How to choose a treatment

At this point you may be wondering how to choose a treatment. The best approach is to talk with Dr. Rheaume about your issue and follow her recommendations. She can suggest the best way to minimize your pores by addressing the underlying issue, whether it’s lack of elasticity, sun damage, or excessive oil production. 

Schedule your appointment today so you can start showing off your healthy, vibrant skin with confidence. 

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