Why Is Stubborn Fat So Difficult To Lose?

Why Is Stubborn Fat So Difficult To Lose?

Have you been working out, improving your diet, and generally improving your health, yet still have pockets of fat that just won’t budge? This is a common occurrence, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating! 

Dr. Maki Rheaume and her staff at AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta know that it’s frustrating when you’re working hard, doing all the right things, yet still have that extra layer of fat on your belly, or thighs, or buttocks. Stubborn fat is … well, it’s stubborn! That’s one of the reasons we offer body sculpting services. 

The problem with stubborn fat

The problem is that it’s stubborn, of course, but you might be wondering what’s different about it, what it is that makes it so difficult to lose. We define stubborn fat as pockets of fat that resist efforts to sculpt your body to get the look you want through diet and exercise. 

For example, some people can exercise daily, eat an appropriate amount of healthy calories for weight loss, yet still have excess fat on their belly, thighs, love handles, or buttocks. Stubborn fat settles in different places on different bodies, though some places are sites of stubborn fat for more people than others. 

Stubborn fat is the same as other fat, and one thing many people don’t realize is that you can’t dictate where you lose weight. You can do squats all day, yet lose weight from your arms instead of your butt. You may build muscle in areas you target, but you can’t lose fat from specific areas through effort.

A few common reasons for stalled weight loss

If you’ve hit a plateau, it could be for many reasons. Your body may have adjusted to your exercise routine, you may need to increase the amount of fiber you eat, or you might not be getting enough sleep each night. If you’re under a lot of stress, that could impact your weight loss, as well.

For some people, drinking diet soda inhibits fat loss, and others find that including resistance training changes things for the better. It’s even possible for weight loss to stall because you’re not eating enough. The fact is, you may not ever identify exactly why your weight loss has stalled. Even worse, your body type and age could mean that, no matter what you do, you won’t ever lose fat on the backs of your arms, your belly, or other areas that drive you crazy. 

How we can help

Just because stubborn fat doesn’t respond to diet and exercise, you’re not stuck with it forever. We offer body sculpting for just such situations. Dr. Rheaume uses state-of-the-art technology to destroy fat cells, eliminating them forever. The best part is that it’s completely noninvasive. You don’t even have so much as a needle-stick! 

The TruSculpt® iD system uses radiofrequency transmitted through your skin to target fat cells. The heat from the radio waves destroys the fat cells, while your skin and other tissues stay cool and comfortable. It takes a few weeks for the cells to be disposed of by your body, but once they are gone, they are gone for good. 

If you’d like to learn more about how our services can help you get rid of stubborn fat and finally get the shape you’ve been working toward, schedule an appointment at AdvancedMD Aesthetics in Marietta, Georgia, today. 

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