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Dermaplaning (also known as the Scalpel Facial) is a noninvasive exfoliating skincare treatment that removes about 3-4 weeks of dead skin and peach fuzz (superficial facial hair), brightens skin, allows for better product penetration, and reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Peach fuzz – What is it?

Peach fuzz (Vellus hair) are fine hairs that coat most of the face and body. They act as a protective covering for the skin. Vellus hairs contribute to the dull looking appearance of skin and also inhibit product penetration. Removing vellus hairs helps brighten the skin and allows for your products to penetrate better.) Dermaplaning will remove vellus hair by gently scraping across the skin with a surgical scalpel and effectively removing 3-4 weeks of hair growth and dead skin build up.

Who can get Dermaplaning?

Good candidates for dermaplaning

  • Have superficial facial hair or “peach fuzz”
  • Have dry or dull skin
  • Want to exfoliate their skin to allow for better penetration of medical grade skincare products, improved efficacy of light treatments
  • Have large pores
  • Have superficial lines and wrinkles
  • Have blackheads


Benefit of Dermaplaning

The treatment is safely performed using a sterile surgical blade, and the skin is gently exfoliated, removing dead skin cells and impurities. During this treatment, vellus hair is also removed, however, this hair will not grow back any thicker or darker than it was before treatment.

Dermaplaning may be done as an alternative to a chemical peel, or as the first step of a multi-level treatment which combines dermaplaning with a chemical peel for deeper penetration of the peel, Hydrafacials, microneedling RF and laser facials.

Dermaplaning is a safe treatment when performed by a Medical Aesthetician. All skin types and colors can benefit from dermaplaning or blading. At AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta, our Medical Aestheticians are highly trained and experienced in performing Dermaplaning treatments.