Non-Surgical Facelift

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Sagging jowls and eyebrows are two of many features that develop and get worse over the years. At AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia, Maki Rheaume, MD, performs non-surgical facelifts with Ultherapy®, a treatment that uses energy from sound waves to firm and tighten aging skin. Call the office or request a consultation online today.

Non-Surgical Facelift

What is a non-surgical facelift?

A non-surgical facelift lifts and tightens the skin on your face and neck. At AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta, Dr. Rheaume uses Ultherapy® to perform non-surgical facelifts with long-lasting results.

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy, a harmless and radiation-free type of energy, to stimulate collagen growth deep in your skin. Without causing irritation, ultrasound waves penetrate your superficial skin and the muscles under it. 

Before placing the Ultherapy device on your skin, Dr. Rheaume cleans the area and applies a soothing gel. The gel helps the Ultherapy device glide smoothly across your skin. You might feel some heat or tingling during the procedure, but it shouldn’t cause pain. Still, pain medication may be available if you need it.

Compared to traditional surgical facelifts, non-surgical facelifts don’t require incisions or anesthesia and do not scar. In addition, recovery is fast and simple, so you won’t need to take much time off work, if at all. 

What does a non-surgical facelift treat?

Ultherapy non-surgical facelifts are highly customizable, and Dr. Rheaume makes sure she’s familiar with your specific treatment goals. Your individualized Ultherapy treatment plan, which includes 30-90 minute sessions, can treat:

  • Drooping brows
  • Jowls
  • A sagging chin
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Decolletage wrinkles

Because your non-surgical facelift triggers natural collagen and elastin growth within your skin, you can expect long-lasting results that look strikingly natural. 

You’ll start noticing changes within the first few days after treatment, with continued improvements for up to three months. You can have additional sessions in the future if you choose. 

How should I prepare for a non-surgical facelift?

Before your non-surgical facelift at AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta, you should come in for a brief consultation with Dr. Rheaume to determine whether or not the treatment aligns with your goals. 

Ultherapy treatment is gentle, so you don’t need to make any special considerations about your diet, exercise routine, or habits before or after the procedure. 

Dr. Rheaume recommends cleaning your skin before coming in and avoiding makeup on the day of your procedure. In addition, she might suggest taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication ahead of time. 

A non-surgical facelift can revive your appearance by elevating and tightening your aging skin. To schedule an Ultherapy consultation, call AdvancedMD Aesthetics of Atlanta or book an appointment online today.